Message from the President

The Filipino Canadian National Congress is committed to serving as the reasonable voice of the nearly one million Filipinos in Canada, while at the same time mindful, considerate of, and caring as well for all Canadians. We will strive our best to be encompassing, inclusive, interactive, and always compassionate.

Ms. Salma Zahid, MP
Senator F. Gigi Osler

2nd Annual FCNC Leadership Convention: Learn, Inspire, Network & Celebrate!

At the 2nd Annual FCNC Leadership Convention, Filipino-Canadian community and business leaders from coast to coast to coast will harness the power of learning, inspiration, networking and celebration in building our communities, to be better and stronger.

A simple conversation at the event can lead to a new business partnership, a speaker who ignites your inspiration can move you to take action on a project that you’d been wanting to do for a long time and new learnings from the organizational capacity building can bring the needed tools that will allow your organization to grow. The possibilities from this leadership convention are endless. 

Guest of Honour & Keynote Speakers

Emcees, Moderators and Resource Speakers

Program of Activities

Halifax Tower Hotel & Conference Centre


Our Mission & Vision

The Filipino Canadian National Congress (FCNC) aims to be a dynamic, united, integrated, and independent organization that provides a high standard of leadership in developing, promoting and empowering the identity, responsibilities and roles of Filipino diaspora in Canada.

We Support Our Frontliners!

Let’s take a moment, to honour and celebrate. The dedication and bravery of Filipino Canadian Frontliners. We are safe, healthy and hopeful because of them.

FCNC Inaugural Event & Virtual Induction Ceremony

The Filipino Canadian National Congress (FCNC) is a duly registered national not-for-profit organization affiliated with the Canada Philippines Parliamentary Friendship Group, and is mandated to represent the strong Filipino presence in Canada before the people and Government of Canada. The FCNC coordinates and represents the concerns and interests of nearly 1M voices within the Filipino Canadian communities, and advocates to doing our active share in shaping Canada’s social, economic, environmental, and political perspectives.