Election 2024 Candidate - Jerry Caingcoy

Jerry Caingcoy
Alberta (AB)

My name is Jerry Caingcoy. I have more than 15 years of community leadership. I am the Founder and President of The Filipino Champions of Canada and a Board Director of the Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council. I am also a Finance Leader at The City of Calgary. During my free time, I love to play tennis, cook and travel.

Answers to Questions:
1. What skills will you contribute to the FCNC Board?
Governance and Leadership – With my experience leading a highly successful community organization, being a Board of Director in a non-profit organization, and a proven track record in various leadership roles, I will be able to provide strategic direction, make sound decisions, and oversee the organization’s operations effectively.
Financial Management – Having worked as a leader in Finance, I will be able to provide knowledge and skills in financial reporting, analysis, reconciliation, budgeting, and forecasting to ensure the stability and integrity of financial documents and resources of the organization.
Fundraising and Development – With more than fifteen years of community service, I organized and supported successful fundraising events for the Filipino community in Canada and the Philippines. I will be able to provide guidance and direction to help raise funds, establish connections with various stakeholders, and support many different causes.
Networking and Advocacy – As the Founder of The Filipino Champions of Canada, I led and organized highly successful events that brought the community together. It also opened doors to networking events and collaborative projects that strengthened the Filipino Canadian community and other multicultural groups. I will be able to contribute to building meaningful relationships with various community organizations, business sectors, and representatives of the Government.
Strategic Planning – I have been involved in many strategic planning and goal-setting activities through various roles and capacities. With my hands-on experience in planning, managing, directing, and implementing multiple programs, systems, and processes, I will be able to contribute valuable insights to steer the organization in the right direction.
Diversity and Inclusion – I was invited to speak on many occasions and attended workshops and events to promote equity, diversity, inclusion, and anti-discrimination. With my direct experience and training, I will be able to provide guidance and direction to implement the diversity and inclusion framework of the organization.
Communication and Public Relations – I hosted one-on-one interviews with hundreds of exceptional individuals to inspire our community, promoted various community events, and published articles to elevate our community and highlight the achievements of many successful Filipino Canadians. I will be able to effectively communicate the plans and programs of the organization and build a strong presence in the community.
Mentorship – I have mentored many internationally trained professionals as a mentor and am now a Director of the Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council. I will be able to provide guidance, advice, and support to hundreds of individuals in our community for personal and professional advancement through mentoring and networking events.

2. What are the most important functions of FCNC for its members?

Promoting a culture of integrity, accountability, transparency, and inclusivity within the organization.
Cultivating teamwork, collaboration, trust and respect among each other to advance the organization’s mission and goals.
Providing direction, guidance, and mentorship, as needed.

3. Why do you want to be a FCNC director?
As a founding Director of FCNC with a proven track record in community service and executive leadership, I have the skills, knowledge, commitment, and passion to the organization’s mission, values, and goals. I also have a rich experience as a Board member of a highly reputable non-profit organization and the willingness to contribute time, resources, and expertise to support FCNC’s success.