message from the president

Mabuhay! Welcome to our page!

The Filipino Canadian National Congress is committed to serving as the reasonable voice of the nearly one million Filipinos in Canada, while at the same time mindful, considerate of, and caring as well for all Canadians. We will strive our best to be encompassing, inclusive,
interactive, and always compassionate.

To our fellow Filipino Canadians, we encourage you to join us and to let us know how we can
best represent you; and how can we help improve the conditions and well-being of the next
generations of Filipino Canadians. To Filipinos all over the world, we hope you will be one with us in hoping that our motherland, the Philippines, slowly but surely be drawn from seemingly endless challenges and hardships, and start to see the progress and accomplishments that she long deserves. To our fellow Canadians, may you share with our aspirations to stand up for our people as we work hard, ensuring that we continue building a conscientious community that always cares for others.

The FCNC is served by a committed and dedicated Board of Directors, with specific Committees that look forward to starting on the work needed to be done as we thread on these committed duties as Community liaisons, volunteers and advocates. Sincere thanks to our Advisory Council, chaired by MP Kevin Lamoureux, who have provided a treasure of knowledge and much needed support as we start on this commitment.

Thank you all for your trust and support of our community.


Narima Dela Cruz
President – FCNC