Jerry Caingcoy

Jerry Caingcoy
Alberta (AB)
Chair, Labor, Employment & Skills Training Committee
Deputy Vice Chair, Diversity, Inclusion & Gender Equality Committee

Jerry Caingcoy is the Founder and President of The Filipino Champions of Canada (TFCC). Among his notable accomplishments are well-known inspirational platforms such as The Filipino Champions Talk, Cafe Talk, The Filipino Champions of The Year Awards and the Multicultural Champions Talk.

In 2020, he became a Director of the Calgary Region Immigrant Economic Council (CRIEC), a not-for-profit organization that seeks to connect newcomer professionals effectively and efficiently with strategies designed to lead to successful employment outcomes. Jerry also hosted a TV show aired on a multicultural channel and an online talk show at FCM Live – Canada’s Multicultural Media.

Jerry has had a progressive leadership career in public service at the local government of The City of Calgary. In 2020, he was promoted to a management leadership role in Finance.

In 2023, he was awarded the Immigrant Champions of Canada in Inclusive Leadership and the Executive of the Year of the Golden Balangay Awards for leadership excellence in his profession and outstanding accomplishments in community service.

Jerry is from Biliran Province in the Philippines, an avid tennis player and a passionate home cook. He shares authentic Filipino dishes through the social media page “Pinoy Kitchen Abroad”.