Mission & Vision

The Filipino Canadian National Congress (FCNC) is a duly registered national not-for-profit organization affiliated with the Canada Philippines Parliamentary Friendship Group, and is mandated to represent the strong Filipino presence in Canada before the people and Government of Canada. The FCNC coordinates and represents the concerns and interests of nearly 1M voices within the Filipino Canadian communities, and advocates to doing our active share in shaping Canada’s social, economic, environmental, and political perspectives.

Mission Statement
The Filipino Canadian National Congress (FCNC) represents the Filipino Canadian community before the people and Government of Canada; To strengthen the Filipino Canadian community by promoting and encouraging connections between various organizations across the country; To promote, develop and preserve rich Filipino cultural heritage and values; To help address the needs and requirements of the Filipino Canadian community; To bring awareness to some issues of concerns in the Philippines which also affect many Filipino Canadians; To develop and enhance the Filipino Canadian community’s leadership and relevance in the inter-cultural society of Canada.

Vision Statement
The Filipino Canadian National Congress (FCNC) aims to be a dynamic, united, integrated, and independent organization that provides a high standard of leadership in developing, promoting and empowering the identity, responsibilities and roles of Filipino diaspora in Canada.