Treenee Lopez

Treenee Lopez
British Columbia (BC)
Chair, Tourism & Environment Committee
Vice-Chair, Arts, Culture & Heritage Committee
Deputy Vice-Chair, Finance & Fundraising Committee

Trinidad (Treenee) Lopez is the Founder & Chair of the Global Pinoy Diaspora Canada (GPDC), an advocacy group founded in 2011 committed to stand for the rights and issues that affect Filipinos and Filipino Canadians. Treenee is also the Regional Director for North America of the Global Filipino Diaspora Council.

Treenee as was born and raised in Manila and came to Vancouver in 1978. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the Philippine Christian University, Mary Johnston College of Nursing in Manila. Treenee earned a Health Care Management Certificate from BCIT.

Treenee worked for 9 years as a Client Service Coordinator in the ER at Fraser Health Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster, and retired in 2013 with a Critical Care Nursing background.

Always thinking as a nurse, Treenee continues to find ways to support the internationally educated nurses with an organization that can assist them back to their nursing careers. She is the Vice President & Founding Director of International Nursing Alliance (INA), which holds free pathway workshops and programs.